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The Benefits of a Real vs. Fake Fireplace

Many homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey feature a fireplace, but sometimes homeowners debate which is a better addition to their living room, dining room, or family room—a real or fake fireplace. Proponents of fake fireplaces point to how clean and easy to maintain they are, and these are certainly pluses. However, the benefits of

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Homeowner’s Checklist for Fireplace Maintenance

Your fireplace is a focal point in your home—a place for people to gather, enjoy warmth and conversation, and relax in front of a cozy fire. You’ll be able to enjoy your fireplace in safety for years to come if you maintain it properly, and this checklist will help you get started: Keep it clean:

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Tips for Picking the Best Firewood For Cooking

Firewood is most often associated with use in our fireplaces, firepits, or chimineas to create warmth and a cozy ambiance in our homes and outdoor spaces. But firewood also serves another function as many people use it for cooking.  In a previous article we discussed the types of firewood that are best for providing warmth

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Top 5 Tips for Storing and Caring for Firewood

Your fireplace can be a focal point in your home, providing warmth, beauty, and value. In order to enjoy it to its fullest potential, you’ll want to make sure that the wood you are burning is properly stored and cared for. Here are our top five tips for storing and maintaining firewood for your fireplace:

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